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Gregor Bailar is an internationally renowned business strategist, IT innovator and philanthropist. His expertise in IT comes from nearly 20 years in strategic technology roles. Over the last decade, he has led mission-critical operations and technology activities in the transactional and financial services arena for Citigroup, NASDAQ and Capital One. 

Career Highlights 

  • Led worldwide consolidation of Citibankís corporate systems in mid-90sí
  • Joined NASDAQ in 1997 to become the youngest CIO for a major stock market
  • Served as CIO and head of Operations at the NASDAQ Stock Market during both the dot.com boom and 9/11 recovery
  • Led replacement of the original IT system for the NASDAQ Stock Market, which finished in 2002
  • At Capital One, spearheaded adoption of Agile development and led ITís adoption of mobile collaboration tools and work spaces in 2004
  • Completed the largest Credit Card systems conversion project in history at Capital One in 2006
  • More than a dozen IT executives, including the CIOs of National Public Radio, Reuters, Kaiser Permanente, Red Hat, Dollar-Thrifty Rental Car, the city of Richmond, VA and the Corporate Executive Board, have worked for him at some point in their career

The work of his teams and his personal thought leadership have been honored with multiple CIO 100 awards, several years in Computerworldís "Best places to work in IT" and the top spot on the InformationWeek 500. Bailar himself was named one of the "Most Influential Persons in Information Technology" by eWeek; "One of the Hottest CIOs in Financial Services" by Future Banker; one of the "Top 20 Most Influential Financial IT Executives" by the CIO Forum; and recently appointed to the "CIO Hall of Fame" by CIO Magazine.

Bailar also has a passion for disaster response and recovery Ė both domestically and internationally. His experiences include assisting at Ground Zero for 9/11; being the first Capital One executive on the ground in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina; sponsoring a Capital One Tsunami relief fund, and a Southeast Asian Quake fund; not to mention personal involvement in the Loma Prieta earthquake of 1989, Hurricane Isabel, the D.C. sniper incident, the D.C. Anthrax attacks, and over a dozen other terrorist or weather-related disasters.

He was the founding executive sponsor of Capital Oneís Environmental Council and is a director for the National Wildlife Federation. His travels have taken him through the delicate ecosystems of the Yucatan, the virgin rainforests of Corcovado, the emerald hills of Kerala, and the brisk kelp forests of Cheju Island. He is currently working on several projects to create a more responsible, tolerant, and sustainable future.

National Wildlife Federation

Corporate Executive Board

Endurance Specialty Holdings

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